31:a Oktober - Jess utklädd i marroccansk outfit på Halloween

Vet inte om de stavas så men iaf :)) här är en barfota Jess utklädd!

27:e Oktober - Anländer till LAX

Jess anlände hem till LAX i förrgår efter att ha varit i Indien och filmat sin kommande serie The Price Of Beauty. Jag ska försöka få tag i mer info om vart de ska åka mer eller om dom är klara nu!

26:e Oktober - Mumbai Indien

:D fantastiskt vacker, tycker ni inte? Spelar in för The Price Of Beauty för fullt :)
Tydligen är det här bilder från partyt  var på, sista dagen i Indien, Gitanjali Party på Vie Lounge.



27:e Oktober - På Heathrow i London

Den vänstra bilden är på flygplatsen och den andra på party som hon var på!

Jess är i Indien

Men det visste ni alla kanske redan :) har inte kunnat uppdatera för internet har varit dött men nu är jag tillbaka iaf!
Jess är i Indien iaf för att fortsätta spela in The Price Of Beauty. Någon mer än jag som längtar efter att få se den showen?

In this show, Simpson will reportedly get some beauty pointers from Bollywood actress-model Neha Dhupia (Singh is Kinng), 29, who was quoted as saying: “I know for sure that Jessica will be draped in a saree.”

Simpson reportedly may also study the local dietary fads, beauty regimes and fashions and even take part in some of the extreme practices she finds out.

Simpson will be throwing a grand Bollywood party after completing this shooting, reports indicate.

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed has urged Simpson to spend some time in an ashram (hermitage) while in India and explore Hinduism for solace, reinventing her, and to bring meaning to her life. Ashram stay might help bring Simpson tranquility, spirituality and serenity, Zed, who is president of Universal Society of Hinduism, added in a statement in Nevada (USA) today.

Zed says that ashram is a place of retreat usually used for spiritual development and India is full of them. Even Lord Krishna himself went to sage Sandipani’s ashram to gain knowledge.

Source: blog.taragana.com

15:e Oktober - Lämnar Bergdorf Goodman i NY

Shopping shopping shopping :)

Påväg ut på middag efter galan

16th annual QVC 'FFANY Shoes on Sale In NY

..to benefit breast cancer research.
Det är därför Jess är där :) ser heeelt fantastisk ut! Blev många bilder nu men de gör ju inget, ellerhur??

Här är en video som ni kan kika på också.

14:e Oktober - Jess fortfarande i NY

"Looking hot, looking daaamn hot" Lea och Drew i Newlyweds :)

12:e Oktober - Jess i NY

Herregud vad hon reser runt :D älskar hennes jacka, så söt!

Nick Lachey pratar om Daisy

Fler än jag som varit nyfikna på vad han tänker om allt som har hänt med Daisy? Här är svaret! Låter som något min egen pojkvän skulle säga faktiskt..

Nick Lachey is talking about the sudden loss of the dog he shared with his ex-wife Jessica Simpson, Daisy. The adorable dog was tragically carried away by a coyote. Lachey gave Daisy to Jessica as a gift.

Lachey spoke to Access Hollywood on the loss of his once shared pet: “I think a lot of people forget that Daisy was my dog too — for years.” Even though he was upset by the news, Lachey admits, “”I didn’t reach out to her [Jessica Simpson]. “I’m sure she was upset … I was upset … It was sad to hear that happened, but it’s part of the cycle of life.”

Jessica Simpson took to her Twitter and tried her hardest to try and get her dog back, however, the search lasted several days and proved to be pointless since the coyote had taken her and it wasn’t merely a case of the dog being lost. Truly such a sad loss.

Source: Examiner.com

10:e Oktober - Jess landar i London

Med Ken vid sin sida anlände hon till Heathrow Airport på lördagen efter att ha varit i Marocko för att spela in The Price of Beauty.

Jet-Setting Jessica Simpson Talks Single Life

Jessica Simpson may be single, but she's not searching for Mr. Right this time.

Instead, she's letting him find her.

"I think that in the right time, somebody will find me," she told E! News Friday at Operation Smile's gala, where her entire family was being honored. "I'm not seeking it out right now. I'm waiting...but not miserably!"

Sounds like she's in a good place since her birthday breakup with Tony Romo.

Of course, in typical Jessica fashion, she gave a little TMI during her speech onstage...

"Gosh, I'm so emotional," she told the crowd. "It's not that time of the month, either!"

On Saturday, Jess jetted to Sin City to join the party for her sister Ashlee's 25th birthday.

The entire entourage, including parents Joe and Tina and Ash's hubby, Pete Wentz, were there for the poolside party at Wet Republic.

And it seems Jess isn't quite ready to bare her bikini body again. Although she had on a black two-piece swimsuit, she kept a sheer cover-up on throughout the bash.

Next, Jess is off to Morocco to film more footage for her VH1 show, The Price of Beauty.

Jess & Ashlee anländer till födelsedagsfesten

3:e Oktober - Ashlee's födelsedagsfest :D

Grattis Ashlee :)) hon firades i Las Vegas!

Jess, alltid vacker :D

Fler bilder från Operation Smile Gala 2009

2:a Oktober - Operation Smile Gala

Är hon inte vacker? Tycker dock hon borde valt en annan outfit. Här får ni se en video också :)) ENJOY!

Detta stod i en artikel:
Operation Smile, a worldwide children's medical charity, will honor Jessica, Ashlee, Tina and Joe Simpson, Stephen Berman of JAKKS Pacific, the Honorable Richard J. Riordan, Roselyn Sanchez and Eric Winter at its 8th Annual Smile Gala, October 2, 2009, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

21:a September - Påväg mot London

Jess på LAX påväg mot London :)

22:a September - Jess i London

Hon ser lite gladare ut men kan tänka mig att hennes hjärta är splittrat i tusen bitar. Tur att hon har så bra kompisar som Ken och Cacee! Hon är antagligen i London för att gå på London Fashion Week :)

Joe ser verkligen butter ut.

Friends Worry About Jessica Simpson’s ‘Tailspin’

After losing her beloved Maltipoo Daisy to a coyote attack, Jessica Simpson may be at the lowest point of her life, friends fear.

“Daisy was her baby,” one of them tells PEOPLE. “It’s going to put her into a tailspin. It will put her into the worst place ever.”

Daisy was snatched away by a coyote before Simpson’s very eyes in Los Angeles last week, and, despite Simpson’s refusal to quit searching and offer of a reward, no sign has been seen of the caramel-colored dog. She was given the dog by [her] then-husband Nick Lachey in 2004, and Jessica and Daisy became inseparable.

“She won’t leave her parents’ house,” a source says.

“Whenever things went wrong for Jessica, she reached for Daisy,” another source, a friend, says. “Daisy was her security blanket. When people let her down, she always had Daisy.”

On Sept. 19, her stylist pal Ken Paves convinced Simpson to finally leave her parents’ house. They went to Vino in Encino, Calif., for an attempt to perk her up.

“Jessica seemed okay, but wasn’t smiling much,” an onlooker says. “The wine made her relax a bit, but it was still obvious that she was having a devastating week.”

Daisy was perhaps one of the most pampered pets in Hollywood. Simpson fed Daisy steak, not dog food, and referred to herself as “Daisy’s Mommy.” When leaving the house, Simpson left on the air-conditioning for her dog; and when Daisy was sick, Simpson refused visitors so that they wouldn’t wake Daisy. She threw Daisy birthday parties, and when she talked about having a “girls’ night in” with a video, she was talking about herself and Daisy.

“Jessica has a very small inner circle,” the friend said. “But she always had Daisy. Daisy gave her unconditional love.”

And, unlike some of the men in her life, the friend added, “Daisy never betrayed her. Daisy was always there for her. This is serious. Jessica’s heart is broken.”

Whenever she was out at night, Simpson called home and had “someone put Daisy on the phone so she could say goodnight.”

“Daisy ran the household,” the friend said. “If Daisy didn’t like you, you were gone. Sometimes if her regular hair and makeup people weren’t available and Jessica had a sit-in, if Daisy didn’t like them, they wouldn’t be back. Daisy ran the roost.”

When Simpson was having relationship problems, “she would cry herself to sleep at night, using Daisy as a pillow.”

It won’t be easy to find a replacement, another friend said.

“Jessica is very needy. She is very clingy,” the friend said. “She is so sweet, but sometimes because of that she’s hard to be around. It’s not always easy. She hates to be alone. That’s what happened with [ex-boyfriend and Dallas Cowboys quarterback] Tony [Romo]. Jessica smothers people. She doesn’t really have any hobbies. Daisy was exactly what Jessica needed.”

All of the sources agreed on one point: It’s been a tough year for Jessica Simpson.

“I want her to catch a break,” the first friend said.

20:e September - Jess, Cacee och Ken på vinbar

Människor som kommenterar på X17Online är så jäkla dumma i skallen =/ sånt här borde hända sånna idioter och inte Jess som inte vill något annat än gott!
Hon ser så ledsen ut :(( mitt hjärta gör verkligen ont när jag ser henne. Hon ser rödgråten ut :((

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